Completed Projects

Columbus Plaza

May 2013 marked the completion of the Columbus Plaza Improvement Project. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT), lead project was funded by USRC, DDOT, National Park Service (NPS) and Amtrak. The two-year project resulted in improved vehicular circulation, providing an exit to the west as opposed to entry and exit both on the east side […]

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Amtrak Station Improvements

In 2013 USRC funded the completion of three Amtrak area improvements within the Station; the ticket counter, customer service office and the design of a new Public Address (PA) system. The projects collectively improved the Station aesthetics, accessibility, and passenger experience and safety.

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Intercity Bus Terminal Project

In only seven short months, January 2013 – July 2013, the Intercity Bus Terminal saw radical improvements. Development of 1,000sf waiting area, restrooms, and construction of a 350sf retail pavilion and 150sf information center pavilion as well as new directional signage and landscaping transformed the terminal to meet the needs of a transportation mode servicing […]

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Concourse Escalators

As of January 2015, all eight escalators throughout the station concourses have been replaced. The new escalators service┬áthe mezzanine levels of the train concourse and the west end of the retail concourse, as well as the food court and lower level. The escalators are speedier, more energy-efficient, and in some cases, wider than the old […]

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