About USRC

Founded in 1983, Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (USRC) is a nonprofit organization charged with three main objectives: to preserve and restore Union Station’s historic and architectural significance, maintain the station’s long-term function as a multimodal transportation center, and enhance the retail and amenities within the station.

First opened in 1907, Washington, DC’s Union Station was once heralded as the largest train station in the world. However, over the years, great demand on the station and poor maintenance brought about the deterioration of the historic structure. In addition, a misguided effort in the 1970s to turn the station into a National Visitor’s Center resulted in the neglect of the building’s historic integrity. In 1981, Congress passed the Union Station Redevelopment Act in an effort to preserve the historic integrity of the station while advancing its useful purpose to the region. Once passed, the act resulted in the founding of USRC in 1983, established to represent the best interests of the station.

Today, USRC continues to oversee the station as it evolves into a world-class facility, meeting the needs of more than 100,000 visitors a day.