Main Hall Granite Masonry Restoration Project

Beginning in mid-2021, the granite walls, fountains, iron electric closet doors (located in each corner), and other granite surfaces at the ground and mezzanine levels in the Main Hall will be cleaned, repaired, and restored. Bethel White granite from Bethel, VT was used for the station’s exterior and interior masonry surfaces, which were built from 1905 to 1908. USRC bid out the project in spring 2021 and expects to hire a historic preservation firm to conduct the restoration work in late summer.

This project will be partially funded by a Transportation Alternatives Program grant administered by the District Department of Transportation.

In this photo, evident are various stains on the higher areas of the pilaster, which will be cleaned, repaired, and restored.
Photo Credit: Sarah Mayersohn, USRC Document/Archive Manager