Active Projects


Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (USRC) is one of the partners involved in the plans for Union Station’s 2nd Century. USRC is working closely with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and Amtrak to implement long-term development plans for Union Station and the surrounding area. The Station Expansion Project (SEP), led by consulting architecture firm Beyer Blinder Belle, […]

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Amtrak’s proposed rail reconfiguration plans, designed as part of the Station Expansion Project, will provide the general conditions under which the District Department of Transportation will design and construct the new H Street Bridge piers and deck. The new bridge design will need to meet the demands of the current and future multimodal transportation network […]

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Amtrak Claytor Concourse Modernization and WMATA First Street NE Mezzanine Projects

In partnership with Amtrak and WMATA, USRC will be undertaking reconstruction of the Claytor Concourse and the Metro First Street NE Mezzanine. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2019. The Claytor Concourse Modernization Project is led by Amtrak, with the firms KGP Design Studio, Grimshaw Architects, and ARUP providing the design services. The Claytor Concourse […]

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