Union Station Included in List of the 37 Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World

Union Station in Washington, DC was featured in the August 2022 Architectural Digest list of “The 37 Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World“. At number 15, Union Station is described as follows:

“This Beaux Arts wonder, completed in 1907, was was the first major structure in the country to be built of Bethel, Vermont, white granite, a stone prized for its strength and brightness. The station brought Washington, D.C.’s two rail hubs under one roof, allowing the railroads to dismantle central trackwork and create the National Mall.

The station itself, designed by architect Daniel H. Burnham, features a stunning coffered plaster ceiling and draws inspiration from classical elements such as Rome’s Arch of Constantine (reflected in the main façade) and Baths of Diocletian (seen in the vaulted interiors). Surface embellishments make liberal use of marble, gold leaf, and mahogany.”

In addition, the article mentions that Milano Centrale was “originally modeled after Union Station”.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Rouse, USRC Program Manager