Union Station in the News…and Video

Recently, USRC has become aware of some news and a video pertaining to Union Station.

Trans-Lux and Union Station, both organizations near 100 years old, come together to implement present day digital LED display technology
“Trans-Lux Corporation today announced the successful manufacture and installation of 3000 square feet of large format LED digital displays and signage at Union Station in Washington, D.C. Trans-Lux Corporation, a leading supplier of LED digital displays and next generation LED lighting, is nearing 100 years in business, while Union Station has been open more than 100 years, since 1907.”

Sony FDR X3000 Visits Union Station, DC and Penn Station, NYC in 4K from Mark Rosenzweig

Inside the Restoration of Washington D.C.’s Historic Union Station
Michelle Young recently wrote a blog post in untapped cities about Washington Union Station. “The coffered ceiling, 96-feet high, received not only a facelift externally, with 120,000 sheets of 23-karat gold leafing applied, but also a complete new infrastructure behind the ceiling. [USRC President and CEO Beverley] Swaim-Staley says, “What’s really almost more amazing is what we did on the other side of the ceiling. These coffers were basically held together on the other side with plaster coated burlap wadding – not exactly today’s technology. After 100 years, they started to deteriorate.”…With a historic landmark, there is always more to work on at Union Station. As Swaim-Staley tells us, “We’re constantly looking, as opportunities to arise, to restore the station more and more to what it used to be, also maintaining it as a vibrant station for today.””