Between April 2016 and November 2017, seismic steel reinforcement and plaster restoration work was undertaken on the Retail Concourse barrel-vaulted ceiling. Much like in the Main Hall, the Retail Concourse ceiling experienced damage during the 2011 earthquake and this work addressed the damages and strengthened the ceiling. To perform the repairs, a custom-designed, suspended rig was installed on the ceiling of the Retail Concourse, which moved east to west in 40-foot wide increments. Additional repairs were accomplished by working off storefront roof decks. The laylight glass in the ceiling was removed, cleaned, and restored and the cracked glass panes were replaced with new glass that closely matches the textured character of the original glass installed in 1984.

Evidence of this significant restoration project can best be appreciated by walking the Retail Concourse Mezzanine, looking up to view the freshly-painted plaster vaulted ceiling and the glowingly clean laylight glass.