Main Hall Vestibules and Exterior Roman Legionnaires Restoration Project

Restoration of the six historic vestibules on the north and south sides of the Main Hall and the exterior Roman Legionnaire statuary above the front entrance was undertaken from March to May 2020. Installed in 1912, the six exterior statues are included in the set of 46 Roman Legionnaires designed by Louis Saint-Gaudens, which represents the number of states at the time of the station’s opening.

USRC hired John Canning & Co. to clean, repair, and restore the vestibules and exterior statuary, a task not undertaken since the 1980s restoration.

This project was partially funded by a Transportation Alternatives Program grant administered by the District of Columbia Department of Transportation.

Cleaning the vestibules.
Restoring and cleaning the exterior Roman Legionnaire statues.

Photo Credits: John Canning & Co. and USRC