Marble Floor Tile Replacement Project

The marble floor tile replacement project commenced in late February 2020. Since the floor tile was restored in the 1980s, damage from wear-and-tear and removal of the Center Café and fountains in the Main Hall has necessitated repairs.

The original marble quarry, which was the source of the 1980s tile, has been depleted. However, a nearly indistinguishable marble was identified in the Danby Quarry in Vermont.

Stained and cracked tiles throughout the Main Hall and West Hall and in the vestibules are being replaced and all the marble flooring is being polished. This work, which is being undertaken by Promacs LLC, R. Bratti Associates, and LSR Refinishing, is expected to be completed in July 2020.

Marble tile being replaced in the middle of the Main Hall.
Photo Credit: Jillian Hess, USRC Public Relations and Outreach Manager
Some replaced marble tiles in the Main Hall.
Photo Credit: Beverley Swaim-Staley, USRC President and CEO