Amtrak Claytor Concourse Modernization and WMATA First Street NE Mezzanine Projects

In partnership with Amtrak and WMATA, USRC will be undertaking reconstruction of the Claytor Concourse and the Metro First Street NE Mezzanine. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2019.

The Claytor Concourse Modernization Project is led by Amtrak, with the firms KGP Design Studio, Grimshaw Architects, and ARUP providing the design services. The Claytor Concourse Modernization Project will reconstruct and modernize the Union Station Claytor Concourse to provide expanded passenger flow and additional areas for boarding and queuing, improve amenities, address safety egress issues, construct new Amtrak support spaces on the First Street Level beneath the concourse, and rehabilitate the North Hangar. A major part of this project will be the construction of a new 10,000 square foot Metropolitan Lounge for Amtrak riders (formerly Club Acela) with new flooring, lighting, and ceiling finishes. In advance of the Concourse Modernization Project, some existing programmatic elements will be relocated, including the Amtrak Police Department and HVAC mechanical units. The relocation of the HVAC mechanical units is currently in the final phases of construction and completion is anticipated in fall 2018. For more information on these initiatives, please visit

The First Street NE Mezzanine Project, led by WMATA, is designed to improve the north entrance/exit. This will include installation of new stairs connecting to the Claytor Concourse, a new entrance/exit from First Street NE, addition of three new Metrorail fare gates, and relocation of the Metro farecard vending machines.