Passengers and Presidents: Inside Washington, DC’s Union Station – A Hybrid Virtual Experience with Atlas Obscura and USRC

July 22, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Online (Zoom)

Nothing quite compares to walking through Washington, DC’s Union Station and witnessing its beauty. Now, through a collaboration of Atlas Obscura and USRC you can experience the wonders of this one-of-a-kind historic landmark, no matter where you are.

Today, Union Station is a mixed-use, multimodal transportation hub and shopping center. Built at the turn of the 20th Century, this beautiful Beaux-Arts building was constructed in part to be a grand gateway to the Nation’s Capital, an idea the station still represents to this day. A silent witness to some of the United States’ most memorable periods, Union Station has a varied and rich history that you may not think about when entering the building today.

During this 90-minute virtual event, the audience will join two presenters from USRC (one showcasing the station’s history through photographs and another on-site, giving a live, close-up tour of the featured spaces), as they show you some of the station’s hidden wonders.

This hybrid virtual experience will focus on three of the station’s most decorative spaces: the Main Hall, East Hall, and Presidential Suite. The Presidential Suite is not usually accessible by the general public, but during this online experience, you will get a good look at this amazing space, which has remained virtually unchanged from its original construction.

The Main Hall of Union Station in 1921. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.